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Ishawna – Equal Rights (Show Mi Weh Yuh Tongue Can Do)

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Ishawna – “Equal Rights” Dancehall


Equal Rights?. She goes by the name I-Shawna with a sexy body and a beautiful voice as she is on a mission to capture the female dancehall number one spot, I-Shawna releases a very controversial song titled Equal rights.

Equal Rights as I-Shawna states is the basic equality between a male and female where oral sex is concerned.She basically states that if a man wants a female to go down on him the favor has to be returned.

While females love “Equal Rights” most males do not agree and finds the song disrespectful, Some DJ’s play it some don’t.

I will Embed the audio Below.

I Shawna’s equal rights has gained her major popularity around the word from major blog sites to massive platforms for interviews. This song was a brave move in dancehall for the I- Shawna. I also listed an interview below with Swaysuniverse as they get up close and personal with I-Shawna.






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